Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mehar Bukhari Scandal

Mehar Bukhari
You might have found the previous scandal pictures of Meher Bokhari with CIA agents partying all together. This was not enough as it was only one thing which showed up on TV but here we are two present you another hidden face of the Meher Bokhari, anchor girl.

This time she is busy with the famous people, non other than those who were the victims of her talks and comments in her show – almost daily – Qamar Zaman Qaira and Rehman Malik. Was she offered some deal and was bought. We all know this is wrong but nothing could be said for these kind of people are two faced.

In this video you will see three of them enjoying Cigarettes and most probably coming out from a party or something like that. All in all they all are corrupt working for their own motives and bestow themselves with money.

Now She is got married to Kashif Abbasi the famous Pakistani Talk Show Host

Mehar bukari famous TV anchor got married and other famous anchor Kashif abbasi . Mehar bukhari is very talented and intelligent anchor. she does her masters in politics and journalism. now days she is doing very hit talk how on Dunia channel. this program is very famous and mehar bukari doing this show very successfully . mehar bukhari is sincere and raise many critical and true issues of Pakistan. different politicans came in her show appreciate her boldness and confidence level. kashif abbasi is also very old and well known TV anchor and analyst. now day he doing talk show on ARY NEWS his show is very famous and popular.  both these famous personalities decided to get married. In one of the TV show of Hum TV they announced about their engagement. and now they got married. people like both mehar bukari and kashif bukari because they always talk about serious issues of Pakistan.
Kashif Abbasi is one of the famous Pakistani political talk show hosts Off the record.Kashif Abbasi has started his career from PTV as a reporter then he join ARY ONE WORLD as a journalist. He born in 10 December 1974.Kashif Abbasi is honest and bold pakistani anchor person.

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